It is currently a very difficult time all over the world as parents are stuck at home with children because of the pandemic. During a time where parents are constantly busy (and especially during a time where we are urged to stay at home), it can feel almost impossible to make time for children to get their recommended daily exercise. But we, as parents, should be making a greater attempt at keeping our kids active during covid-19. Why?

Here are a few reasons why children should stay active, according to

  1. Children who are active 60 minutes per day demonstrate lower rates of obesity.
  2. Greater rates of activity in children have been associated with higher test scores in reading and math.
  3. Physical (body) and cognitive (brain) development go hand-in-hand. While this continues for life, this relationship is most critical at a young age. When kids are active, their brain develops, allowing for new types of activity.
  4. Play-based activity that requires a high degree of sensory input (sight, sound, touch, etc.) helps develop a broad array of skills that make physical activity more enjoyable later in life.
  5. Frequent physical activity has been associated with improved behaviour in the classroom and beyond.
  6. It appears that active children are more likely to become active adults.
  7. Aerobic activity has been shown to increase the size of essential brain structures and number of neural connections.
  8. Frequent activities requiring a high degree of balance and coordination have been associated with improved emotional response.
  9. Frequent exercise decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety in children.
  10. Regular exercise with children promotes self-efficacy with regard to health and self-image.

Because of the pandemic, we are currently facing a worldwide dilemma where parents are trying to work as their children are distracting them, or maybe they just don’t know how else to keep them entertained. At Dachill, we feel strongly about the benefits of daily exercise, especially for children it is important to stay active during covid-19. At such an important stage in a person’s life, a daily routine incorporating exercise can have a substantial impact on a young person’s well being. This includes higher test scores, improved behaviour, decreased symptoms of depression, and many more benefits.

You might want the best for your little one, but you have a hectic schedule. We totally understand! This is why we’ve hired some of the best-qualified guides to get your kids off the couch and onto their feet in a fun and exciting way. Let us help your children to stay active during covid-19!

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